Funeral Cremation – Things to Ponder Before Deciding for It



One of the most popular funeral services availed is the cremation but to who decides to avail it will depend on the family of the deceased or it is already preplanned by you. A popular benefit that you can get in cremation is that it is easy to process and cost-efficient therefore giving the family of the deceased time to mourn. But the thing about cremation is that not everyone is aware of this type of service and most of the services that people know are funerals, burials and caskets but very minimal in cremation. Therefore, this article will be your portal into understanding more the essence of cremation and its value to the deceased as well as the family.

A question often addressed about cremation memorials is whether there is still a need to conduct or hold a normal ceremony. There is no need to hold a ceremony for a cremated person but funeral directors still recommends families to at least hold a simple one. The family may opt to hold a viewing of the deceased before the cremation process and at least have a memorable ceremony with the normal speeches, music, and pictures prepared by the family.

Again, it is the family’s discretion on how they are going to hold the ceremony for the deceased. They can have it done privately, or they may opt to hold it in the church or anywhere. The family has the option to have the deceased embalmed, too, for viewing right before the cremation. You may opt to hire a funeral director, too, if you still can’t decide for it. Visit this website at and know more about cremation.

When it comes to choosing the burial attire of the deceased, the family must decide on it. If it is time for the cremation, the clothing must be removed and folded neatly to be placed beside the deceased. The family can also choose to cremate the clothing, too.

So what happens during cremation? The first thing that happens is when the deceased is removed from the refrigerated container and be place in a combustible container. After that, it will be brought to the cremation chamber for the pulverization process. Afterwards, the remains of the deceased will be transferred to a temporary container just like the size of a dictionary and it will be forwarded to the family. It will be the family’s option on where to transfer the remains permanently such as urns.

There are certain documents that need to be prepared to facilitate the cremation service. The family of the deceased is the one to process and submit all the necessary documents. the important documents are permit from the burial transit and medical examiner, death certificate and the signed cremation at authority by the next of kin.